The Left and the EU: Why cling to this reactionary institution?

I have always opposed the EU. I argued against Sweden joining the EU in 1970, and am a member of “Nej till EU”. It is thoroughly reactionary and is largely to bear the responsibility for recruiting Ukraine and unleashing the current Cold War.


by Joseph Richardson, via Counterpunch

Why is it that many people who consider themselves left-wing have such difficulty grasping that the EU is a deeply reactionary institution? The mere fact that those running the EU present it as an internationalist venture dedicated to the creation of a world free of nationalist enmities does not make it so. If we want to examine the EU in its proper light, then we should ignore the high-flown rhetoric in which its supporters indulge, and consider its actual record. And what is the record of the EU, once we penetrate the obfuscatory rhetoric about ‘internationalism’ that surrounds EU policy? Without a doubt, that record is one that should cause those on the left now defending it acute embarrassment, as it starkly contradicts the ideals that the left has always claimed to uphold.

Across the Continent, the unelected officials who have usurped the power of…

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