REFERENDUM DAY: The cast-iron, copper-bottomed final promise from Brussels to every Undecided Brit:

John Ward at his best.

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Me22616Whatever the result today (and the one clear signal from the polls is that not one of the companies involved has a clue which way it will go) it will not have been democracy in any  recognisable form.

Proper democracy and genuinely free voting can only be said to have taken place when:

  1. The electorate is genuinely informed about the issues and their relative significance
  2. The voters have not been threatened or bullied in any way
  3. The vote has been called willingly by the Government of the day
  4. All the previously agreed rules and regulations have been observed by those on either side of the argument(s).

If anyone still believes the electorate knew which way was up on this, the second Referendum to be held about Britain’s EU membership, then they simple aren’t informed about just how uninformed the average voter was.

I have sighed, slapped…

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