“the referendum will be rigged”?


by Jeff Nielson


Do the PTB leave such crucial votes as the Brexit referendum to chance any more? OffG doesn’t necessarily endorse Jeff Nielson’s perspective here, but given what we know about the 2000 US election and the recent allegations of widespread fraud in the Democratic primaries, it is certainly a subject worthy of discussion, and one which is being given very little column space, even in the alt media. So, true to our remit of giving “airtime” to neglected opinions, here is a POV that suggests today’s referendum is little more than theatre.
Update: It may or may not be significant to this article that it’s been announced no exit polls will be conducted during the voting for this referendum. Does the reason given make sense? You decide.

How important is the upcoming “Brexit” vote in the UK? In a recent commentary, it was noted that the…

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