The referendum was, after all, a genuine surprise. Even with all the “serious”mainstream media backing Remain, and even after all the fairly insensitive exploitation of the tragic death of Jo Cox, “Leave” have won. And David Cameron has resigned. So, if the vote was indeed rigged, it either didn’t work, or for some reason the “shadow governments” want us to quit the EU 🙂

Currently the UK establishment appears to be reeling, apparently stunned that its own clarion call for Remain has gone unheeded. There is even one column in the Guardian describing Cameron’s resignation as a “European tragedy”(though to be fair they mean it in the Classical context).

Other Guardian pieces continue the theme of bewilderment. Rafael Behr calls the vote a “Brexit earthquake”. There are opinions offered from Polly Toynee, Suzanne Moore, et al, predicting everything from “exciting” times ahead (Moore) to the entire destruction of western…

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